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Get the IRS Off Your Back Today!

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Irs wage garnishment lawyer

Each weekday, millions of hardworking Americans leave their families and head to work. Most of them spend eight or more hours each day earning every penny they can. When payday arrives, most of their paychecks are already spent on mortgages, auto payments, insurance, and utilities. Throw in the fact that anywhere from 10 to 40 percent of their paychecks are immediately absorbed by Uncle Sam, there is not a whole lot of money left to buy anything but groceries.

To make matters worse, when April 15th comes around, taxpayers dread finding out how many hundreds or thousands more dollars they will be required to pay in the form of income taxes. As a result, thousands of American taxpayers fall deep into IRS tax debt every year. Even though the United States government does allow certain tax exemptio

What to Look for in a Sales Person

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Recruiting firm

It is proven that the most successful, best sales people have a certain je ne sais quoi; an intangible and indescribable blend of charm, intelligence, energy, and conviction. Of course, not all sales people possess these qualities (remember Willy Loman?) but it certainly helps to ensure a successful job in sales.

Finding, recruiting, and retaining the best sales people also takes talent. And this is why sales recruitment firms or executive recruitment firms can be your best ally when it comes to hiring sales reps.

The key to hiring sales reps begins knowing where to look, which is why so many