Using Micro Greens in Your Cooking

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Edible flowers

Microgreens and edible flowers for salads are typically less than an inch and a half in height, but they add vibrance and an aesthetic appeal to your dishes. Edible blossoms and edible flowers can also be used to garnish tea or cocktails for a distinctive look.

Chefs and home cooks can use a micro rainbow mix as both a visual and tasty accompanient to many dishes. While they may be harvested very soon after planting the micro rainbow mix and other variations of microgreens are not to be confused with sprouts. Sprouts are germinated or partially germinated seeds, while the micro rainbow mix consists of seedlings that are harvested just after a couple of leaves have developed.

The micro rainbow mix and other microgreens can last for about a week if properly refrigerated. Sometimes they are sold still in their growing trays so that you can harvest them directly. Othertimes, like the micro rainbow mix they are harvested just prior to use.

You can use the micro rainbow mix and miniature flowers in various condiments. For an artisan flavor or style, they can be used to enhance vinegars and dressings or even in cheese and butter.