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A Drug Free Workplace Policy Can Protect Your Business

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With over 30 million Americans using drugs, often, it can be difficult for any employer to create a drug free workplace policy. When your company needs to meet DOT compliance, you need to be sure that all employees are completely drug free. In order to keep employee drug use at bay, you need to start testing employees when they are first hired and randomly as well. According to several studies, employees that use drugs or alcohol are less productive and are causing all manner of injuries more often, costing the company money.

If you are looking to start a drug free workplace policy, you need to find a quality agency to work with. The best place to start when you are looking for help with creating a drug testing program is by contacting the most accurate center for drug testing Houston has available. When you are able to get help from professionals to set up regular testing of all employees, you will have the best chance of becoming a drug free workplace.

Many of the American workers that use drugs are addicted to prescription drugs including the prescription drug Vicodin. While Vicodin is a legal substance, it is not to be used when operating heavy machinery and if your employees are using this drug and driving they are not only risking lives, they are going against their Dot compliance training. Creating the right drug free workplace policy will help to prevent any of these types of problems from occurring because employees will be regularly tested for substance abuse.

With over 70 percent of adult drug users gainfully employed, the chances that you will have a substance abuser in your midst is high. Making sure that you have the right drug free workplace policy in place is your best protection. Whether the problem is alcohol or other drugs, regular testing will help to ensure that your employees are safe. When you need drug screening Houston has the best facilities will make sure that safety is on the agenda.

Substance abusers are a huge risk to your enterprise as just under 25 percent of workers say that they have to work harder or cover shifts for their coworkers that have a problem. If your employees are abusing drugs or alcohol, a drug free workplace policy will help to protect your company from problems. Finding the right drug free workplace program will give you the assistance required to help all employees prevent problems.
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