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Better Business Through iPhone Security

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Mobile security

If you own a business, then your iPhone security systems are absolutely important. As more businesses incorporate the BYOD model of doing business, through which users may bring their own devices to a network and register them to a corporate server, it becomes all the more important to find mobile device management solutions that can give you the security and control that you need without interfering with the work flow of your employees. A survey performed in 2012 found that 74 percent of the companies that operate with employees that user mobile devices allow some level or variation of a BYOD model, so the trend is quickly becoming accepted within the professional world of working with, and not against, your employees and their mobile device choices. With the right iPhone security you may be able to actually cover a number of different operating systems and mobile platforms beyond the iOS as well, should you choose the right solution for the job.

A survey performed by the Consumer Intelligence Research partners said that one in five of the one thousand respondents will use their iPad for business purposes. This is an important figure, because iPhone security covers all mobile devices that can connect to a server. Mobile devices allow employees to do great amounts of work without being tethered to a desk, and with sensible iphone management solutions it is possible to allow them to connect with your networks without worrying about security compromises. Your iPhone security solution can do much more than just protection connections, however. One of the biggest concerns of a BYOD model of business is the matter of security, not just in connections, but in the actual devices themselves. iPhone security solutions can allow you to manage passwords, remotely delete information, and more. Apple’s free Configurator tool may not be enough if you have thousands of devices that need to be managed.

Choose a solution for your patch management that can really give you the power that you need. Software as a service, or SaaS, and models which are on premise can be utilized for MDM, as can other solutions which can be incorporated into the iPhone security solution that you choose in layers. Compatibility, customization, and patch management software are all vital for businesses that move forward with the trends. Choose the right security for your workplace, and it will definitely have positive effects.
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