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Network security platforms protect against breaches

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Intrusion protection

Often times, threats to corporate data systems come from insiders who have access to privileged information and systems and have the ability to do more damage than an outside attacker.
Hackers, as they are referred, have long played a part in the malicious destruction of stored information. In July 2008, administrative passwords for switches and routers were reset by a disgruntled San Fransisco employee who refused to divulged the passwords to officials. Another case involved an international hacker who broke into computer files at the South Carolina Revenue Department, which allowed him access to several million tax returns.
Having a network security platform can help protect a business’s most valuable asset, it’s information. From intrusion detection systems and intrusion prevention systems, to enterprise firewalls, using intelligent security solutions that discover and block complex threats in the network can help keep computer systems and stored data safe. Using threat detection tools, the right network security platform can help protect valuable information with unique pattern matching and extreme accuracy, while the next gen network security speedily meets the demands of networks.
To protect against network borne attacks, a network security platform streamlines security by combining threat information with data about users and devices.
It is in a business’s best interest to understand the ramifications of a security breach before it happens. Taking measures to secure consumer data is of the utmost importance. The U.S. government is taking no risks and continues to spend billions of dollars on network security platforms and next generation network systems to protect information technology.