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The Reason Why Anniversary Stones Make the Perfect Gift

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When Gary Dahl, the ‘inventor’ of the Pet Rock came up with the idea for his gag gift, he didn’t know that he would gross almost $2 million dollars from it. However, this quirky gift soon made its way into countless homes and lives. Like many quirky gifts in the past, it soon evolved. Or in the case of anniversary stones, remembered. Petroglyphs, the prehistoric engraved stones are one of the earliest forms of art and communication. Today, these engraved stones are still used as great quirky gifts, garden art ideas, unique wedding gifts and dog memorial stones.

Consider this, the world’s oldest known engraved object has 23 lines engraved into it. It’s a 100,000 year old pebble. The custom engraved stone you purchase as a quirky gift today will be studied in the future. These anniversary stones are a great way to memorialize events, pets and loved ones. Engraved stones and anniversary stones are not only timeless, they are unique. Rock engraving is the perfect garden art idea that also serves as a perfect memorial to a loved one, pet or event. It keeps the memory fresh while informing any others who see it and will see it of such a milestone.

Anniversary stones are more than just a quirky gift, they are a source of inspiration and reflection. Around the world symbols of different cultures are engraved into rocks to enhance a variety of outdoor locations. Engraved stones are the perfect addition to any garden or outdoor location. Even with weddings, think of the unique and quirky gift that an anniversary stone would make for that special event.

Custom engraved stones aren’t just an outdoor gift idea, however. Indoors, an anniversary stone would make a great doorstop, or on a shelf as a unique wedding gift or dog memorial stone. There are many uses for such a quirky gift that go beyond garden art ideas, anniversary stones and memorials.

Can’t get rid of solicitors? Use a custom engraved stone on your front porch instead of a welcome mat. Maybe they’ll stub their toe on the way out.