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What’s More Fun than a Bounce House?

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At some carnival stalls, operators who were morally questionable would pat a person on the back who they could continue to coax into playing. They would pat the person on the back with a hand with chalk on it to “mark” that person and announce to the the other operators that the marked person was a good target for enticement.

Today, many carnival games have evolved into simulation games that can be rented through simulator hire. A rented carnival game usually comes with a staff member, prizes and signs, lighting, and a themed booth included.

Some of the most popular games up for simulator hire are giant games, in particular inflatable games. The widespread popularity of bounce houses has established a rental industry around inflatable games that includes slides, obstacle courses, and more.

Many carnival attractions have specific themes. Themes can range from the Wild West to Victorian. One of the more popular themed games up for simulator hire is the race car f1 simulator.

Giant scalextric is another popular game that is up for simulator hire. It is a large inflated race track that competitors can race small cars on. These are just some examples of the fun that inflatable games can provide.

Having coworkers get together out of the office to play simulator games is one great strategy for teambuilding and bonding. Inflatable games are a fun way to socialize that take everybody back to their joyful days of childhood. Great references here:

This Article Can Help You Learn About Osha Fall Protection Training

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While chain lifting slings are usually made of a super strong alloy crafted for the lifting industry, accidents can still happen and this is why you need OSHA fall protection training. While you might think that OSHA fall protection training and crane safety training are just an expensive waste of time, the real truth is that it is a huge investment both in safety and productivity for your business. There are about 40,000 crane operators in the US working today and if none of them had OSHA fall protection training or even basic crane training, there would be disasters left and right.

Fortunately for your business, there are plenty of fall protection training systems available to you. All you need to do is go online to look up all of the different Osha training modules that are available. You can expose your employees to materials online or find the information regarding where to send them for classes. Overall, being an advocate of safety is important to the integrity of your company. Your employees will appreciate your attention to details and the fact that you care about their safety when out in the field.