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Help Lower Patient Numbers at Your Hospital’s ER

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Urgent care kent wa

When someone has sustained a life threatening injury or is having a heart attack or stroke, the last thing they need is to go to a hospital emergency room that is overly crowded by people who are not injured or sick enough to warrant being in the ER. Unfortunately, they say that the number of ER visits each year number about 110 million. Not all of those visits are for genuine emergencies. Many people go to the ER for things like having a cold or the flu. If every parent took their child to the ER for a cold, the numbers would skyrocket even more. Each year the average number of colds one child can catch is between 6 and 10. Instead of taking children to urgent care for sore throat or for a cold, take them to urgent care Kent.

Kent urgent care is the best option for things like a sprained ankle or a pulled muscle. You can go to urgent care Kent for a fracture or broken bone. Urgent care kent wa is also the place to go for other things that are non life threatening, such as food poisoning, a sinus infection or for cuts. Even a bump on the head is a reason to go to urgent care Kent instead of the ER. In other words, if your doctor’s office is closed for the day and you get sick or hurt, but not bad enough to die from it, go to any of the Washington urgent care centers. You will lower the patient numbers at your hospital ER if you go to urgent care Kent instead.

Not many doctors see patients after hours now. In fact, only 29 percent of all the doctors in America will see patients at night or on weekends. As a result, people have been using hospital emergency rooms for basic after hour medical care. This really puts a strain on our emergency system. You can help lower your medical costs by going to an urgent care center. Take the medical clinics Seattle for instance. If you go to a walk in clinic in Seattle, you will be seed by a doctor in about 15 minutes. The urgent care centers see patients without an appointment. Urgent care Seattle WA will also take care of other non emergency medical needs. For instance, a walk in clinic in Seattle will also provide basic lab tests, STD testing and some even have pharmacies on the premises.
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Mobile Management and You

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Device management software

If you are in charge of mobile management for a network of cell phones at your company, you are likely aware that device management software is an absolute must for security and financial purposes. Plenty of Mobile Device Management, or Mdm software, is available nowadays for a number of different types of networks, but the BYOD, or Bring Your Own Device model, is proving to be one of the fastest growing and most secure mobile device management systems out there right now. Flexible and secure, the BYOD mobile management model allows workers to bring their own phones in, allow them to be hooked into the company network, and use said network to aid in their productivity. Indeed, the flexibility allowed by companies that offer BYOD initiatives, among other things, can potentially increase the productivity of your workforce by twenty percent or more, so this particular style of mobile management is definitely something to research thoroughly when building your device management network.

Nearly half of US adults nowadays use a smartphone, and a full quarter of web users in general only access the internet via mobile device, including smartphones, tablets, etc. The past year has seen mobile searches quadruple in the US alone, and it is worth noting that mobile devices can fall prey to hackers, viruses, etc. just as quickly as regular computers or laptops might be able to do. For this reason, it pays to make sure that any type of mobile management software that you choose is highly secure, programmed to make automatic security updates, and to lock down the potential for malware, etc. as well as possible without hindering necessary productivity enhancements.

Once you find a viable mobile management software system that fits these criteria and works for your network, be sure to implement it right away for best results. With any luck, your research should pay off nicely!