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Why Car Ports are a Good Option

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Metal garages

What are car ports? The term was coined by Frank Lloyd write, the famous architect, who said that a car does not need a barn, since it is not a horse. A carport is like a garage, yet is notably different from it in that it lacks four walls. They are basically garage buildings in the sense that they allow for car storage and protection from elements.

While the carport protects from many of the most damaging elements such as direct rain, snow, hail, sun, et cetera, it is not quite as secure as a garage. However, it is better for ventilation, and can also be used to basically increase the area for vehicle storage without actually adding additional metal garages, making this an economical choice for car storage. Car ports can be stand alone, or they can attach to one side of the main building.

Most car ports are constructed from metal. Metal carports are usually built in America with slanted roots in order to allow precipitation to run off. Many people choosing to install this type of car port purchase metal carport kits, which allow individuals to put up the carport themselves, or with installation help. Carports can also be used for things other than car storage. For example, some people choose to use them as a sort of picnic area for their families.