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Converting to a Paperless Office

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Laptop scanners

With the new push for a paperless office, you can cut down on your paper usage rather significantly with a simple laptop scanner. Just by using a simple digital filing system to archive and consolidate your receipts, business cards, and documents you will eliminate most of your paper storage needs.

International Data Corporation notes that 95 percent of all business information is on paper. They also highlight that the average person prints 45 separate pages each day. Using laptop scanners or other portable scanners can help manage the intake of those papers throughout the workflow.

What if you used your laptop scanner to archive your filing cabinet? You might be able to get rid of 10,000 to 12,000 pieces of paper. Not only is that a lot of paper, but also a significant mass of furniture that can be transferred to a digital format. No telling how long it might take to identify a specific page from this filing cabinet.

In a larger company, with approximately 1,000 white collar workers, they usually spend about 6 to 12 million dollars each year searching for nonexistent information according to an International Data Corporation study. That is no surprise when you realize that InfoTrends estimates that over 1 trillion documents are printed, copied or faxed each year in the United States.

The number of documents in constant circulation could diminish greatly with the use of a laptop scanner. If everyone were to convert just a portion of their documents with their laptop scanner, we could put an enormous dent into that amount of paper in circulation.

Bankruptcy Is Hurting Everyone

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Bankruptcy in michigan

Michigan bankruptcy is an issue. If you do not believe this, then know that in 2011, there were over 56,000 bankruptcy filings in the state of Michigan.

Chapter 13 filings made up about 16 percent of these of Michigan bankruptcy filings for the year 2011. See, chapter 13 is the form of bankruptcy that involves debt restructuring, which is a process for the purpose of reducing and renegotiating debts so that it can continue its operations. This means that rather than facing the liquidation of assets, and the debtor is usually allowed to retain most of their property.

If your company is facing bankruptcy, then it checking into “chapter 7 bankruptcy Michigan” or “Michigan bankruptcy” or “chapter 13 bankruptcy Michigan” or seeking out “bankruptcy attorneys in Michigan” or “bankruptcy lawyers in michigan” or “bankruptcy attorney Flint MI” or “bankruptcy attorney Warren MI” could save your whole company.

Everyone understands the importance of keeping our economy strong. These filings were created for those purposes. True, irresponsible practices need to be punished, but allowing companies to fail really punishes the middle men and the back bone of these companies by taking away there jobs.

There is no shame in seeking out help either. Everyone, not just the Michigan bankruptcy folks, is feeling the pinch as well. Even though bankruptcy filings nationwide fell by about 182,000 in 2011 compared to 2010, they are still a persistant problem for the citizens of our country. Even Donald Trump could not escape the crisis. In fact, the mega rich real estate mogul filed for bankruptcy four times.