Give Customers Great Service with Live Answering Services

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Live receptionist answering service

The downward spiral of the economy has forced many businesses to tighten their budgets. Many businesses are making the tough decision to replace a full time receptionist with a company that offers live answering services.

Live answering services are ideal for a number of businesses that range from doctors and dentists to real estate agents and salesmen. The live answering services provide these businesses with access to someone that will answer phone calls at all hours without having to incur the expense of having a full time receptionist.

The reason these live answering services or phone answering services are so cost effective is because a business only pays for the service that they use. Businesses could pay a full time receptionist to sit around and never answer a call because a call never came in. Telephone answering services will provide someone to answer the phone at all hours, but for a fraction of the cost of a full time receptionist.

Many businesses are reluctant to use a telephone call answering service because they worry about who will take notes and other things that a receptionist will do. Surprisingly, many of these live answering services double as virtual receptionist services. These companies provide virtual receptionists who will answer phones, take notes, and do light research just like a full time receptionist.
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