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Oakwood Village in Auburn CA

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Oakwood Village

3388 Bell Road

Auburn, CA 95603

(530) 889-8122

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Oakwood Village offers Specialized Dementia, Alzheimers, and memory loss care in addition to our assisted living and respite care.

Oakwood Village was voted “Best of the Best” by readers of the Auburn Journal 2012!

Oakwood Village Assisted Living Community is a retirement home in Auburn, CA that offers specialized supportive care for active seniors as well as those with memory loss. The moment you enter Oakwood Village you will feel the caring that defines our quality adult retirement community. We offer a wide range of services for meeting senior housing residents’ day to day needs. Our specialized Dementia Care program offers a nurturing environment with staff trained to foster moments to remember. Our peaceful setting is enhanced by our restaurant style dining, free senior transportation, a stimulating senior activity program as well as clean senior rental apartments. Our residents will tell you they appreciate all these options and more while living at Oakwood Village. The staff at Oakwood Village prides itself on respecting the privacy and individuality of our residents while at the same time creating a real sense of community. You can maintain the same independent lifestyle you have always enjoyed, plus have the opportunity to connect with your peers, participate in activities, and even form lasting friendships. Experience for yourself what sets Oakwood Village apart from other senior care properties. Find out why the Auburn community has supported us since 1995.

Protect the Planet and You Will See the Rewards

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Oil absorbents

Turbidity barriers and turbidity curtains are evidence that people, most of us anyways, around the world are looking more and more into the future when it comes to preventing environmental hazards. The use of turbidity materials is typically to ensure and prevent any excess runoff of chemicals, byproducts, or other hazardous materials from entering fresh water supplies by means of a construction project or any other type of event that might cause the release of unnatural chemicals into a nearby water source. There are many things to be cognizant of when dealing with turbidity situations so take some time to understand the rules and regulations to get a better idea of what type of turbidity supplies you and your company will need.

Equipment like silt barriers and silt curtains have been created to help in the reduction of turbidity pollutants found in fresh water supplies for some time now. It is becoming an industry standard to involve turbidity control as part of the project standards. Where years ago turbidity and pollution were not widely regarded as hazardous, today things like oil spill response equipment is becoming more and more used across the entire construction and environmental protection landscape. The need to keep our fresh water clean and free from turbidity is an important precaution industry and government officials are cracking down on.

Making environmental issues, like turbidity pollution, such a high priority throughout the industry is helping promote and increase awareness around environmental issues. with the awareness becoming more common, the spread of knowledge is also becoming more wide spread, and it should turn turbidity issues into rare occurrences. Industry officials are beginning to mandate the use of turbidity barriers as a precautionary measure for many types of projects from general construction, marina projects, dam removal and restoration, pipeline projects, and many, many other projects that poses any potential risk for fresh bodies of water. Do yourself a favor and learn more about turbidity control by taking the time to understand the consequences of ignoring what can happen to the environment if you neglect the use of turbidity controlling equipment. Research more like this.