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3 Ways to Find the Best Bang for Your Buck

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Bathroom remodeling contractors

By the second quarter of next year, homeowner spending on remodeling is expected to rise from its current annual rate of $115.1 billion to $134.2 billion. A major kitchen remodeling project can recoup costs by about 80 percent when it becomes time to sell the home, according to industry experts 76 percent of those who opt for kitchen remodeling say that replacing counter tops is at the top of their list of improvements. Research also indicates that bathroom injuries increase dramatically after the age of 65 as people have more difficulty with balance, mobility and vision. A walk in bath tub can help reduce that risk. Cabinet refacing is a great way to give the look of your kitchen an up to date feel and increase the resale value of the home without sacrificing the expenses or time commitment of a full remodel. Whether you are looking to sell or simply to improve, as a homeowner you should consider taking the time to learn more about what you can accomplish with the expertise of a kitchen remodeling Baltimore contractor.

The benefit of talking with a kitchen remodeling Baltimore company who has experience in the industry is a great way to start learning and deciding on how to approach your Baltimore remodeling project. One thing to do would be to have an open discussion with the kitchen remodeling Baltimore contractor and bounce some ideas off one another. It might even be the case that you learn they handle cabinet refacing Baltimore or bathroom remodeling in baltimore as well as custom home improvement Baltimore. This would be a good time to discuss counter tops, cabinets, and all other aspects that you might want to remodel throughout the house. The big thing to think about is who you want to handle the kitchen remodeling Baltimore job.

There are a lot of alternatives when it comes to a contractor to handle your kitchen remodeling Baltimore. The main thing to keep in mind is cost, quality of work, and time to completion. Consider the time it will take a kitchen remodeling Baltimore company to complete a job in order to determine which contractor will be offering you the better value. Most kitchen remodeling Baltimore contractors will be kind enough to give you an estimate after walking through the house with you and discussing materials and costs.

How API Motor Oil Standards Are Helping To Reverse Improperly Disposed Of Engine Oil

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What is the best motor oil

Motor oil is a highly important piece of a car’s functionality because it helps the engine start, lubricates its parts and keeps everything clean, reduces friction, protects against corrosion, cools its parts, and minimizes deposits in the combustion chamber. Unfortunately, it is not properly disposed of enough of the time. The EPA estimates that about 200 million gallons annually of motor oil, or 757,082 liters, are illegally dumped of the 1.3 billion gallons that U.S. drivers produce each year, wreaking havoc on the environment.

To help combat this, the Society of Automotive Engineers, or SAE, has established stringent API motor oil standards for U.S. drivers to help classify types of motor oil based on their viscosity levels and Api oil ratings. These API motor oil standards are important both to encourage people to select the best oil change places that adhere to these API motor oil standards and to encourage Americans handling their own oil changes to know more about engine oil and how to use and dispose of it. For instance, for do it yourselfers a primer about motor oil and its uses is highly useful. Knowing for instance that a dipstick is used solely to measure how much liquid is in a space that is completely inaccessible helps, as does knowing how to use it. The dipstick is dipped down into that area and then brought back up to determine how low levels are based on how much of the stick came into contact with the liquid.